REM Jewellery came into being because of a love of all stones/crystals and pearls. These have been collected over a number of years then it was decided if more were to be collected the a use needed to be found for them. So the idea of of making jewellery came about but just the concept and not the selling at this stage.

Several technique have been tried over the years but wire wrapping so far has been the most flexible as there is no stone or pearl yet that cannot be set, except extremely small ones and the metals can be mixed. So it is possible to use silver,gold and rose gold in the same setting hence the metal colour needed to complement the stone or pearl can bring it out to its best.

People who love real and unusual stones and pearls. also like my style of jewellery. The stones and pearls are all handpicked for their unusual type, colour or shape making each piece unique. |They come from a number of sources, both in this country and abroad, mainly Germany, Poland and Spain.

I continue to look for and develop new techniques but wire wrapping will always, I suspect, be an integral part of my collection.

Rosemary Millar